Jiaming Zhou

I am a first-year PhD student at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Guangzhou, under the supervision of Prof. Junwei Liang.

Prior to this, I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering, Sichuan University in 2020. Then I received my Master degree from Computer Science and Engineering, Sun Yat-Sen University in 2023, where I was advised by Prof. Wei-Shi Zheng.

I'm interested in computer vision and machine learning. Currently, I mainly focus on human action understanding and robot learning.

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        ❅ 07/2024: One paper was accepted to TPAMI. [HCTransformer]
        ❅ 03/2024: Releasing the first cross-domain open-vocabulary action recognition benchmark! [XOV-Action]
        ❅ 12/2023: AdaFocus for long-video action understanding was released. [AdaFocus]
        ❅ 09/2023: One paper was accepted to NeurIPS 2023. [STDN]
        ❅ 08/2023: One paper was accepted to TMM 2023. [TwinFormer]
        ❅ 07/2022: One paper was accepted to ECCV 2022. [Cycle Inconsistency]
        ❅ 03/2021: One paper was accepted to CVPR 2021. [GHRM]


The purpose of my research is to understand our human activities and use robots to imitate them. Currently, I focus on leveraging the foundations in video and robotics domains to develop robotic generalists in real-world scenarios.

Representative papers are highlighted.
PontTuset Mitigating the Human-Robot Domain Discrepancy in Visual Pre-training for Robotic Manipulation
Jiaming Zhou, Teli Ma, Kun-Yu Lin, Ronghe Qiu, Zifan Wang, Junwei Liang
arxiv, 2024
[paper] [bibtex] [project page]

A new paradigm utilizing paired human-robot videos to adapt human-data pretrained foundation models to robotic manipulation domain.

PontTuset AdaFocus: Towards End-to-end Weakly Supervised Learning for Long-Video Action Understanding
Jiaming Zhou, Hanjun Li, Kun-Yu Lin, Junwei Liang
arxiv, 2024
[paper] [bibtex] [project page]

The first weakly supervised framework for developing efficient end-to-end action recognition models on long videos, which gives birth to a new weakly supervised pipeline for downstream long-video tasks.

PontTuset Rethinking CLIP-based Video Learners in Cross-Domain Open-Vocabulary Action Recognition
Kun-Yu Lin, Henghui Ding, Jiaming Zhou, Yi-Xing Peng, Zhilin Zhao, Chen Change Loy, Wei-Shi Zheng
arxiv, 2024
[paper] [bibtex] [github]

The first benchmark, named XOV-Action, for the cross-domain open-vocabulary action recognition task, and a simple yet effective method to address the scene bias for the task.

PontTuset ActionHub: A Large-scale Action Video Description Dataset for Zero-shot Action Recognition
Jiaming Zhou, Junwei Liang, Kun-Yu Lin, Jinrui Yang, Wei-Shi Zheng
arxiv, 2024
[paper] [bibtex]

A large-scale action video description dataset named ActionHub is proposed, which is the first, and the largest dataset that provides millions of video descriptions to describe thousands of human actions.

PontTuset Human-Centric Transformer for Domain Adaptive Action Recognition
Kun-Yu Lin, Jiaming Zhou, Wei-Shi Zheng
TPAMI, 2024

PontTuset Contrastive Imitation Learning for Language-guided Multi-Task Robotic Manipulation
Teli Ma, Jiaming Zhou, Zifan Wang, Ronghe Qiu, Junwei Liang
arxiv, 2024
[paper] [project page] [bibtex]

PontTuset GeoDeformer: Geometric Deformable Transformer for Action Recognition
Jinhui Ye, Jiaming Zhou, Hui Xiong, Junwei Liang
arxiv, 2023
[paper] [bibtex]

PontTuset Diversifying Spatial-Temporal Perception for Video Domain Generalization
Kun-Yu Lin, Jia-Run Du, Yipeng Gao, Jiaming Zhou, Wei-Shi Zheng
NeurIPS, 2023
[paper] [supp] [bibtex] [github]

PontTuset TwinFormer: Fine-to-Coarse Temporal Modeling for Long-term Action Recognition
Jiaming Zhou, Kun-Yu Lin, Yu-Kun Qiu, Wei-Shi Zheng
Transactions on Multimedia (TMM), 2023
[paper] [bibtex]

PontTuset Adversarial Partial Domain Adaptation by Cycle Inconsistency
Kun-Yu Lin, Jiaming Zhou (co-first), Yu-Kun Qiu, Wei-Shi Zheng
ECCV, 2022
[paper] [supp] [bibtex]

PontTuset Graph-based High-order Relation Modeling for Long-term Action Recognition
Jiaming Zhou, Kun-Yu Lin, Haoxin Li, Wei-Shi Zheng
CVPR, 2021
[paper] [supp] [bibtex]



        Reviewer of CVPR 2022, 2023, 2024.
        Reviewer of ECCV 2022, 2024.
        Reviewer of ICCV 2023.
        Reviewer of NeurIPS 2023, 2024.
        Reviewer of Transactions on Multimedia.
        Reviewer of Pattern Recognition.

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